DIY With A Touch Of Pro

With help from the insanely talented folk at 360 Foto Studio we created the video to our groovy as hell tune Gravy Train.

They really looked after us on the day of filming and can’t thank them enough for their patience and skills.

It’s a top place, very pro but cosy as well, we loved chilling there, and when wobbling around in front of the green screen they made us feel comfortable and got a decent performance out of us

Once the filming was over we took over and did our usual DIY job on everything, our keys player JJ did all the editing, with Stephen Wilson Jnr and Mr Boon chipping in with ideas and gathering assets , then it was over to JJ…

While all that was in progress Mr Boon got his crayons out and did the cover design, which was also to be used on Spotify and all that good stuff

We went through a few variations on the theme of a business dude watching the world he created burn, there were hand drawn logos rejected, colours and layouts cast aside until we settled on this striking image, turned out nice.

We kept the hand made feel for the cover artwork and Youtube thumbnails, but went with a more traditional font for smaller images as it proved more legible on phones and what have you…

The finished video turned out sweet we reckon, and as always every band member had a say, we all chipped in and contributed, good times.

Special thanks to 360 Foto Studio, seriously check em out if you’re making a vid

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